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The McDonogh 16 Oral History Project

The McDonogh No.16 Oral History Project
The McDonogh No.16 School Building (June 2014)

While I mainly study the 19th century United States, I am also interested in schools in the 20th century. This oral history project is a new attempt for me to understand the processes of desegregation in mid-20th century New Orleans.

The Fillmore School in New Orleans was renamed as the McDonogh No. 16 School in 1883 and had been operated as a white school before they admitted two African American children in 1962. The school is one of a few schools in New Orleans that experienced desegregation both in the 19th and 20th centuries.

In Summer 2016, I interviewed Dr. Doris R. Hicks, Ms. Audrey McCall, Ms. Linda Jourdan Johnson, Dr. Gene Geisert and Dr. Johnny Johnson. Dr. Hicks, Ms. McCall and Ms. Johnson are former teachers of McDonogh No.16. Dr. Geisert served as a former school superintendent of the Orleans Parish School Board when the school was closed in 1878. Dr. Jones served as a director of the New Orleans Center for Education of Adults.

I am currently looking for people who attended at the McDonogh No.16  school in the 1960s and 70s. My project aims to compare their stories with those of Fillmore students.  If you were, or know somebody who is related to this school, please share your stories and information with me.

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