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Peer-Reviewed Articles

“1890 nendai Nyu-Orinzu ni okeru yushoku kureoru no han-jinshukakuri undou, Kuruseida-shi to Puressi tai Fagason hanketsu wo chushin ni,” [“The Anti-Segregation Movement of Creoles of Color in New Orleans in the 1890s–the Crusader and Plessy v. Ferguson“], America-shi Hyoron, 29 (2012):1-30.

Non-Peer Reviewed Articles

“Archives by the Lake: Life and Libraries in New Orleans,” Traces: The UNC-Chapel Hill Journal of History, 5 (2017): 226-27.

“Studying African American History in the United States as a Japanese Student,” Nanzan Review of American Studies: Journal of the Center for American Studies, Nanzan University, 38 (2016): 91-98.


“Fillmore Boys School in 1877,” The Conversation (blog), Black Communities: A Conference for Collaboration, October 23, 2017