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A New American History Textbook for Japanese Readers

遠藤泰生、小田悠生編著『はじめて学ぶアメリカの歴史と文化』ミネルヴァ書房、2023年 (ISBN: 978-4-623-09405-9 )

Yasuo Endo and Yuki Oda eds., Hajimete manabu amerika no rekishi to bunka (Introduction to the History and Culture of the United States) (Kyoto: Mineruva Shobo, 2023) .

A new American history textbook for Japanese readers is now available!

This textbook introduces Japanese-speaking readers the basics of American history and culture.

I wrote one short chapter: “Afrika kei Amerika bunka no mebae” (The Birth of African American Culture), which explains how enslaved freedom seekers laid the groundwork for contemporary African American culture. 

For more information, please check the publisher website. Copies are also available on Amazon, Kinokuniya, and other retailers.